NAB + RITE Benefits

Lifetime hardware warranty

NAB offers a lifetime warranty on all payment processing devices as long as you are an active customer. If it breaks, they replace it (see terms and conditions for details).

Great support

NAB provides RITE staff with training, access to diagnostic reporting, etc. Many RITE customers use NAB so when there's a problem we can often times resolve the issue without needing to call in a 3rd party. A one stop solution to many issues that would normally have you waiting on hold with your card processor.

Ultra fast processing

Credit card transactions process an average of 1.2 seconds faster with NAB than the average payment processor. You can imagine how this can improve your customer's experience!

Great processing rates

NAB is one of the most competitive companies rate wise we've worked with. 99% of the time they can meet or beat anyone's pricing.

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